Try these delightful, lesser-known white wines.

2018 Gewürztraminer by Navarro Vineyards

Twenty four dollars

Gewürztraminer, a member of the Traminer family, is a pink-skinned grape with difficult origins to trace. It is most associated with Alsace, a region in northeastern France that shares a border with Germany via the Rhine River. Today, you can see the collision of two superpower countries over the last few centuries in the food, dialect, architecture, and of course, wine. In essence, germanic grapes have converged with French styles.

The grapes for the 2018 Gewürztraminer by Navarro Vineyards grow in Anderson Valley which is about…

Tired of grocery store wines but don’t know where to look next? Try these sophisticated Napa Valley wines for your next day in the sun.

2018 Corazón Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé by Corison Winery

Forty dollars

Rosé is an easy wine to make but a challenging one to master. For a rich-tasting glass, I would recommend brands that ferment and age their rosé in barrels. This form of aging softens the wine in a way that makes it more delightful on your palate. A gentle oxygenation occurs while the wine is in barrel which, as a result, softens the acidity, adds…

Olivia Eckerson

Wine Educator. Plant mom. Yoga enthusiast. New England native living in Napa Valley.

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